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Translated by John D. Godinho


Cristina was born in 1959.


She graduated from Rainha Santa Isabel High School, in Oporto, and then studies law at Coimbra University.  In 1982, she obtains her B.A. degree from the college of liberal arts of Oporto University.


While still in college she has to shift for herself to provide for material needs. As an alternative, she takes up an activity in a non-profit organization – perhaps the result of her legal studies...


She likes to be in contact with people and be involved in the dissemination of knowledge, so she begins teaching (regular as well as professional courses.)  Quite often she has gratifying experiences, such as those arising out of her activities in adult education.  It’s the exposure to a cultural and social reality very frequently hidden from view.


For three years, she dedicates some of her time as a volunteer in the administration of an IPSS (private institutions dedicated to providing social assistance.)  Every experience is useful to increase one’s knowledge and facilitate the process of reaching others.


In 1966, she writes a series of biographies for Oitenta vidas que a morte não apagou (Eighty Lives Not Snuffed Out by Death), published by the newspaper  Público.


On this site, she is the author of the following biographies: 



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